Well, they’re starting to see the picture…

However creationists yet to see the full picture. It seems me and about half the other atheists in the blogoshpere have forgotten HOW to blog. Howeve I just came across this site right before heading to bed and just couldn’t help but sharing!

The spiritually(mentally) handicapped people at Creation Ministries International offer a full dvd called…

(drum roll please)…

“Arguments we think creationists should NOT use”

This is an amazing step forward to their credit! The most ignorant people to grace this earth actually produce a video; to try to cover up some of their own ignorance! It’s great! It’s wonderful! Just check it out for yourself to check out all the laughs the video promotion itself can produce. I might even order a copy for myself.

This has to be one of the smartest creations of any religion since the idea of hell. The way creationists keep spitting out fallacies and ignorance this is business pursuit is a win. There’s no end to material in sight! However, if I were to create a video for things creationists should not say it would be rather short. I’d tell them simply to just not say anything at all =)

So anyhow on to the laugh parade…

You get succinct explanations and warnings regarding:

  • Archaeopteryx—neither fake nor the transitional bird
  • Darwin’s deathbed recantation
  • New Zealand ‘plesiosaur’
  • Solar neutrinos
  • Archaeological claims of the late Ron Wyatt
  • Moon dust
  • NASA’s alleged finding of Joshua’s long day
  • Hezekiah’s sun dial
  • How NOT to use the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics
  • Micro-evolution
  • Wingless beetles
  • More!

Discover how to avoid or overcome:

  • Scientific fallacies
  • Outdated arguments
  • Overstated universal statements

This information should NOT be treated as Top Secret!

HAAAAAA! Lets first look at that last bit. Top Secret? Who’s been hiding it? Certainly not Atheists as we seem nothing but eager to share this with our theistic aquantences. Its my observation the only attempt to hide from these (mostly)  hard hitting punches is from the cowering religious. Throughout the site several times the word “outdated” arguements is presented. To me this is just another way of saying “Those arguements that somebody took, and with scientific evidence crashed and burnt down deep into the ground.” Like I said, they clearly got a series of these coming.

But wait, there’s more!

‘Evolution is just a theory.’ What people usually mean when they say this is ‘Evolution is not proven fact, so it should not be promoted dogmatically.’ Therefore people should say that. The problem with using the word ‘theory’ in this case is that scientists use it to mean a well-substantiated explanation of data. This includes well-known ones such as Einstein’s Theory of Relativity and Newton’s Theory of Gravity, and lesser-known ones such as the Debye–Hückel Theory of electrolyte solutions and the Deryagin–Landau/Verwey–Overbeek (DLVO) theory of the stability of lyophobic sols, etc. It would be better to say that particles-to-people evolution is an unsubstantiated hypothesis or conjecture.

So use the same poor argument, but word it a little differnt so that you’re not completely an arogant ass.

Now reading over this you’ll start thinking a few counter arguments to their claims that you think they may have overlooked. In fact; they had addressed two of mine just in my quick overview!

I noticed that a lot of the arguments supported microevolution but not macro. Of course the principles are mostly the same with the exception of the length of time. Their defense:

That is, particles-to-people evolution requires changes that increase genetic information, but all we observe is sorting and loss of information. We have yet to see even a ‘micro’ increase in information, although such changes should be frequent if evolution were true.

Howeve the theory of evolution isn’t directed towards the origin of life, but rather to explan the variation and abundance of species. How things have changed over time to create more complex organisms. However “Abiogenesis” does attempt at the beginnings of life. Abiogenesis is a much more debatable subject with more competetancy in theories than evolution, which is hardly a debatable subject. However creationists so ignorantly and foolishly target.

Take a gander, I’ll post more later.



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Some interest to you linguists out there…

Just found these in my cyber adventures….

( We’re all familiar with the feats of modern technology and digital translation of languages. We can take a simple sentence and turn it into a horribly incorrect vague concept in another languge; if we’re luck that is) The first here takes the babel-fish translation service, then translates your sentences 10 consecutive times before converting back to english. Play with it a bit, see what sort of nonsense you get.


The second here is an archive of accents from regions and languages both local and arround the world. (For those of you who know me in person… CHECK IT OUT! They got a Riverside accent!)


Have fun =)


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God: Greater than Gucci and Prada


“So like really cool handbags and shoes got designers, so like really cool people do too! God’s proven, duhhhh!”


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AFA… Setting new standards in low

With a little self reflection on previous posts, I noticed something…

Below the KKKristmas post an image no longer fits there,what happened. I don’t see the link between an electrically lit cross and a KKK burning. Seems like a far reach! Well… this was not the original image. In fact the original image of the holiday decoration released by the AFA was in fact a burning cross that you could display on your front porch.

When the AFA finally realized some similar imagery to their product it seems they quickly tried to erase their past here. And swapped the product on their site with this new cross decoration.

Now, I’m an experience web designer and I tell you this swap was strategically designed to try and eliminate as much of the history of their past post as possible. They have a database system and yet the images and page was completely swapped. To match their new image was named “10000310.gif” to ensure that the images on any other sites were also switched out.
Clearly there’s plenty of people that blogged on this and those of us who didn’t host their own images now look somewhat silly.

Well no, I refuse to let you escape such a poorly reflected product without some sort of apology. Until which, I feel you stand warrant to public humiliation.

In the meantime I’m looking for the original product image… Let me know if anyone has a link.

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Tunnel To China!

Remember the cartoon inspired dream of digging yourself a hole to China?

I’m sad to announce that had we the shovel technology and the lack of the molten lava center of the earth, for those of us here in America, this is still a completely unaccomplished goal.

For Americans, we wouldn’t even land on a major landmass. Our best hope is a very long swim to Madagascar and not getting eaten by sharks. In fact to dig to China, we’d have to be in Argentina.

To research more look up Antipodal Locations, these are links to a straight line exactly through the diameter of the earth.

There’s also a fun interactive map you can play with to plan out your dig.


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The Atheist Commandments

The Atheist Commandments!

1. Have no gods.
2. Don’t worship stuff.
3. Be polite.
4. Take a day off once in a while.
5. Be nice to folks.
6. Don’t kill people.
7. Don’t cheat on your significant other.
8. Don’t steal stuff.
9. Don’t lie about stuff.
10. Don’t be greedy.

Theists will laugh at your morals, but at least you don’t follow them because some divine watchdog will barbecue you if you don’t.

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Under New Management!

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