Some interest to you linguists out there…

Just found these in my cyber adventures….

( We’re all familiar with the feats of modern technology and digital translation of languages. We can take a simple sentence and turn it into a horribly incorrect vague concept in another languge; if we’re luck that is) The first here takes the babel-fish translation service, then translates your sentences 10 consecutive times before converting back to english. Play with it a bit, see what sort of nonsense you get.

The second here is an archive of accents from regions and languages both local and arround the world. (For those of you who know me in person… CHECK IT OUT! They got a Riverside accent!)

Have fun =)



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2 responses to “Some interest to you linguists out there…

  1. davisw

    There’s a good article in Sunday NY Times about how they do this — the more common the two languages being translated, the better the translation (duh!)

  2. Jared

    I’ll have to second that duh with you. =) It’s a strange phenomena that languages with the same origin may have some similarities huh?!

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